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Form Meets Function

In addition to the terra cotta rain screen cladding system, Boston Valley also offers sunshade devices as a part of the TerraClad™ product line. Our team provides engineered solutions for the utilization of baguettes and louvers as part of your façade design. Also formed using extrusion technology, baguettes and louvers are available in standard sizes but can also be modified to fit your design goals. As the perfect combination of form and function, these sunshade devices not only add a distinctive element to a building, they also cut down on glare when used in front of a glazing system, providing shading to the building’s inhabitants similar to any conventional shades or blinds.

The basic elements of these shading systems are the terra cotta baguette or louver, an internal aluminum spline and an end gasket. While typical attachment details are available for basic understanding of the system, Boston Valley has the ability to modify the framing and attachment system to fit the specific needs of your project. No two projects have utilized the same framing system, yet Boston Valley continues to find success even when presented with a challenging design.

Boston Valley Terra Cotta uses the term “baguette” to refer to any sunshade device that has a square profile, while a “louver” refers to all other shading devices that have sides with unequal dimensions. Similar to TerraClad™ terra cotta panels, sunshade devices are typically provided in maximum lengths of five feet. Please contact a member of our sales team if your design incorporates spans of a greater distance.

Arizona Disability Service Campus

The Disability Empowerment Center in Phoenix, AZ incorporated both the TerraClad™ ceramic rain screen system and sunshade devices in our standard salmon through-body color.

Arizona Disability Service Campus

At the University of Texas, Dallas Student Services Center, Boston Valley provided an engineered solution to hang louvers in a cantilevered, post tension system.
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