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Flexibility in Form

TerraClad™ terra cotta rain screen panels come in a range of standard sizes for both smooth and reveal panels. Beyond these standard panels, we have also produced custom profile panels and specialty elements for use in different design schemes. All TerraClad™ products are provided cut to size for your project, and terracotta panels for outside corner conditions are miter cut at our manufacturing facility to ensure sharp, clean corners.

Our TerraClad™ Profile Catalog is available for your download and review. Please contact us to discuss your individual project needs and how the existing shapes can best fulfill your goals.

Boston Valley’s TerraClad™ team will also work with you to develop a unique profile for use in our rainscreen system. We have collaborated successfully with designers such as Mario Botta and the firm KPMB to create new shapes for a signature building. Contact our sales team to discuss your design and how the plasticity of clay and extrusion technology can assist in the construction of your building’s façade.

The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art

For the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, Boston Valley worked with Mario Botta and architect of record Wagner Murray to develop a custom triangle shaped panel as specified in Botta’s original design.

TerraClad™ Panel Profiles
TerraClad™ Panel Profiles

TerraClad™ Panel Ranges
TerraClad™ Panel Range

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