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Color & Finish Options

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Color Options

Boston Valley Terra Cotta’s TerraClad™ terra cotta rain screen product line is available in a variety of standard through-body colors. This means that the color of the final product is achieved through a combination of clays, minerals and/or stains which are mixed with water and fired to a high temperature, forming permanent bonds. Our through-body colors experience zero color fade due to UV exposure.

Beyond our standard through-body colors shown here, we have the ability to create custom through-body colors. Our in-house Research & Development lab has created custom colors for several of the projects in our TerraClad™ portfolio. Please contact us to learn more about custom through-body color development and how we can meet your design goals.

Color Range

As a natural material made of products mined from the earth, terra cotta can exhibit a color range upon firing. This range and the plasticity of clay that allows for variation in forming that other materials do not allow make terra cotta a truly beautiful building material. Boston Valley will work with our clients to help them understand the color range that may result from their through-body color selection.

Finish Options

Various finish options are available for the TerraClad™ product line. Beyond the natural ceramic finish achieved through the firing process, Boston Valley has provided peeled saw tooth, honed, exposed aggregate, brushed and wire-struck finishes for our products. Machine scoring is also available in fine, medium, and large widths.

Glazing, another available finish option, gives the designer a world of possibilities for finished color. Boston Valley has the ability to glaze our panels and the sunshade devices to achieve a different finish color or appearance than what is available in our through-body colors. A glaze color finish is available in matte, satin and gloss finishes. With years of experience in replicating glazes for historic restoration of architectural terra cotta, Boston Valley’s Research & Development lab can work with the designer to provide a glaze that meets his or her project goals.

Fired In Color for Performance

color samples

The above image is intended to be a reference only.
Contact Boston Valley Terra Cotta to request actual color samples.



The above image is intended to be a reference only.

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