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200 West 11th Street

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New York, New York
200 Eleventh Avenue
New York City, NY

  • Architect: Selldorf Architects
  • Architect of Record: Steven Kratchman Architect, D.C.

Boston Valley Terra Cotta has provided exterior cladding for two of Selldorf Architects’ completed buildings including the 19-story loft tower at 200 Eleventh Avenue in the West Chelsea district of New York City. The luxury building's extravagant internal car lift, which allows residents to park their cars directly in front of their apartments captures the imagination. But, the unusual forms of three-story terra cotta base on the exterior of the building are what really catch the eye. The large size and curve contrasted with sharp lines at the joints of the terra cotta units create a dramatic statement for the podium of the building. In the daylight, the metallic glaze finish takes on a gunmetal-like appearance wherein the blue-grey and purple tones dominate. At sunset, the building transforms and glows with orange, bronze and copper colors forced out of the glaze finish by the sunlight. The range of color seen within the finish is the result of the natural terra cotta kiln firing process and is truly what makes this glaze and thus building one of a kind.

1250 Units, Terra Cotta Façade

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