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Recreating the Past. Shaping the Future.

Boston Valley Terra Cotta is an industry leader in architectural terra cotta products for historic restoration and new construction. Our success derives from our unique, collaborative approach. Each project is essentially a custom project and we work closely with the architects and contractors from the beginning to the completion of each restoration or new build construction project.

Family owned and operated, Boston Valley Terra Cotta’s team of artisans, architects and engineers brings a well-orchestrated energy and passion for the material to each project, creating exceptional masonry-installed terra cotta that withstands the test of time, especially in severe climates.

At our manufacturing facility in Orchard Park, NY, we utilize four forming methods to create our terra cotta products:

  • Hand Pressing
  • Ram Pressing
  • Slip Casting
  • Extrusion

While all of these methods can be used for both the production of restoration and new construction units, through our almost 30 years in operation we have learned that it is best to let the unit inform the choice of forming method. Different types of units, utilized for various construction reasons whether structural or ornamental, and whether created from drawings or replicated from samples, site surveys or photographs, require use of a specific forming method to achieve the most success. Please contact us so that we can work with you to understand your terra cotta product needs and utilize our forming methods to achieve mutual success on your next construction project.

Architectural terra cotta has been used as a building material for thousands of years. Through our constant pursuit of technological innovations and creative problem solving the material has been brought into the modern age.

Click here to view our architectural terra cotta portfolio.

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