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The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art

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Charlotte, North Carolina
The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art
Tryon & First St.
Charlotte, NC
April 2009

  • Architect: Mario Botta
  • Architect-of-Record: Wagner Murray Architects
  • Installation Contractor: Wasco Inc.

Boston Valley Terra Cotta was given the privilege to work with world-renowned architect Mario Botta for his second commission in the United States – the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art. Botta and Charlotte-based architect-of-record Wagner Murray Architects were chosen by Andreas Bechtler to design and build a museum to house his family’s extensive art collection.

As an architect whose work demonstrates his belief in the structural integrity and longevity of a building’s existence, Mario Botta’s design for the Bechtler Museum involved the concept of sculpting a shape from a block of clay wherein the negative shape removed defines the building’s profile. With a highly sculptural building profile came the need for a cladding material that could provide the plasticity necessary for the design. Clay, a natural, highly sculptural and durable ceramic material was the obvious answer. As the only U.S. manufacturer of a ceramic rain screen system, Boston Valley was offered the unique opportunity to provide our TerraClad™ rain screen product for this dynamic project.

Boston Valley developed both a custom through-body clay color and several custom profile and smooth panels for the Bechtler Museum. We provided approximately 30,000 square feet of custom TerraClad™ panels; 6,000 square feet of custom-size pavers; 5,000 square feet of TerraClad™ ceiling units; as well as TerraClad™ panels of varying radii to clad a 42’ graduating radius column for which we assisted in the design and engineering of the structure and attachment system for this unparalleled design element.

As the photo gallery demonstrates, with the use of Boston Valley’s TerraClad™ product line, Mario Botta’s design was realized to its fullest extent. The Bechtler Museum opened to great fanfare on January 2, 2010 and has already become a jewel of the city, just as it is a jewel in our TerraClad™ portfolio.

Color: Custom Red

Date: June 2009

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