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Innovative Manufacturing

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Boston Valley Terra Cotta is a leader in providing innovative solutions for both traditional masonry installed terra cotta projects as well as for our terra cotta rain screen wall cladding system. The photographs below display some of the units we have utilized in a project or have created as prototypes to begin understanding their different applications. While these units demonstrate our ability in understanding and utilizing the material, please contact us to discuss how they can be used in specific applications.

To learn more about how Boston Valley Terra Cotta is leading the way in innovation, please see our Innovative Manufacturing Projects for a variety of renderings, concepts and ideas in the world of architectural terra cotta.

prototype design

Similar to the fish-scale shape, this prototype was created to allow Boston Valley to explore terra cotta in rounded surface conditions.

kinetic sculpture design

This photograph shows a cardboard prototype of a kinetic sculpture designed by a Boston Valley Terra Cotta employee. At full scale this sculpture would measure 8 feet high by 12 feet long and each terra cotta tile would be 1 foot square. We hope to complete a small prototype in the near future.

innovative terra cotta manufacturing

This terra cotta tile was developed for interior use by ceramic artist Ann Currier in collaboration with Boston Valley for the Miller Performing Arts Center at Alfred University.

innovative manufacturing in terra cotta

As an almost fish-scale like shape, these units were created as a prototype by one of our sculptors to begin understanding how to clad a rounded surface with terra cotta.

innovative manufacturing in terra cotta

The “puzzle” pieces framing the left and bottom portions of our reception desk wall are creating using RAM press technology. They are designed to be incorporated into our standard TerraClad™ framing system as a specialty element. Please download our TerraClad™ Profile Catalog for further information.

innovative manufacturing in terra cotta

This “egg crate” shaped tile is also created using RAM press technology and can be incorporated into our TerraClad™ system. The interplay between light and shadow on this piece makes it truly a distinctive element.

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